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Publications of Professor S.S. Zilitinkevich

International database ISI Web of Science shows 1637 citations of 110 articles of S.S. Zilitinkevich, representing an average of 14.9 references to the publication, with the citation index of 10 best works of 727, h-index is 21. The overall index of citation of his works, including monographs and other publications not taken into account by ISI, is higher than 3000.

A complete list of publications

10 most cited publications
Zilitinkevich, SS, 1972: On the determination of the height of the Ekman boundary layer. Boundary-Layer Meteorol., 3, 141-145 (164 citations)

Zilitinkevich, SS, 1975: Comments on "A model of the dynamics of the inversion above a convective boundary layer". J. Atmos. Sci., 32, 991-992 (99 citations)

Zilitinkevich, SS, 1975: Resistance laws and prediction equations for the depth of the planetary boundary layer. J. Atmos. Sci., 32, 741-752 (96 citations)

Shakura, NI, Sunyaev, RA, and Zilitinkevich, SS, 1978: On the turbulent energy transport in accretion discs. Astron. Astrophys., 62, 179-187 (95 citations) (this publication has contributed award RA Sunyaev Kraforda Award in 2008);

Zilitinkevich, SS, and Deardorff, JW, 1974: Similarity theory for the planetary boundary layer of time-dependent height. J. Atmos. Sci., 31, 1449-1452 (56 citations)

Zilitinkevich, SS, 1989: Velocity profiles, resistance laws and dissipation rate of mean flow kinetic energy in a neutrally and stably stratified planetary boundary layer. Boundary-Layer Meteorol., 46, 367-387 (56 citations)

Zilitinkevich, S., and Mironov, DV, 1996: A multi-limit formulation for the equilibrium depth of a stably stratified boundary layer. Boundary-Layer Meteorol., 81, 325-351 (53 citations)

Zilitinkevich, SS, Gryanik VM, Lykossov, VN, and Mironov, DV, 1999: Third-order transport and nonlocal turbulence closures for convective boundary layers. J. Atmos. Sci., 56, 3463-3477 (45 citations)

Zilitinkevich, S., and Calanca, P., 2000: An extended similarity-theory for the stably stratified atmospheric surface layer. Quart. J. Roy. Meteorol. Soc., 126, 1913-1923 (42 citing)

Zilitinkevich, SS, and Baklanov, A., 2002: Calculation of the height of stable boundary layers in practical applications. Boundary-Layer Meteorol. 105, 389-409 (38 citations)

Number of citations is given according to ISI Web of Science.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals over the past 5 years

Baklanov, A., Mestayer, P., Clappier, A., Zilitinkevich, S., Joffre, S., Mahura, A., Nielsen, NW, 2008: Towards improving the simulation of meteorological fields in urban areas through updated / advanced surface fluxes description. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 8, 523-543.

Zilitinkevich, SS, Elperin, T., Kleeorin, N., Rogachevskii, I., Esau, I., Mauritsen, T., and Miles, M. W., 2008: Turbulence energetics in stably stratified geophysical flows: strong and weak mixing regimes. Quart. J. Roy. Met. Soc. 134, 793-799.

Zilitinkevich, SS, Mammarella, I., Baklanov, AA, and Joffre, SM, 2008: The effect of stratification on the aerodynamic roughness length and displacement height. Boundary-Layer Meteorol. 129, 179-190.

Zilitinkevich, SS, and Esau, IN, 2009: Planetary boundary layer feedbacks in climate system and triggering global warming in the night, in winter and at high latitudes. Geography, Environment and Sustainability 1, No. 2, 20-34.

Sofiev M., Sofieva V., Elperin T., Kleeorin N., Rogachevskii I., and Zilitinkevich SS, 2009: Turbulent diffusion and turbulent thermal diffusion of aerosols in stratified atmospheric flows. J. Geophys. Res. 114, D18209.

Zilitinkevich, SS, Elperin, T., Kleeorin, N., L'vov, V., and Rogachevskii, I., 2009: Energy-and flux-budget (EFB) turbulence closure model for stably stratified flows. Part II: The role of internal gravity waves. Boundary-Layer Meteorol. 133, 139-164.

Zilitinkevich, SS, Elperin, T., Kliorin, N., Rogachevskiy, I., 2009: The closure of the Reynolds equation for the stably stratified turbulent flows in the atmosphere and the ocean. Ukrainian Hydrometeorological. Journal. 4, 75-102.

Zilitinkevich, SS, Esau, IN, Kleeorin, N., Rogachevskii, I., and Kouznetsov, RD, 2010: On the velocity gradient in the stably stratified sheared flows. Part 1: Asymptotic analysis and applications. Boundary-Layer Meteorol. 135, 505-511.

Kouznetsov, RD, and Zilitinkevich, SS, 2010: On the velocity gradient in stably stratified sheared flows. Part 2: Observations and models. Boundary-Layer Meteorol. 135, 513-517.

Zilitinkevich, SS, 2010: Comments on numerical simulation of homogeneous stably stratified turbulence. Boundary-Layer Meteorol. 136, 161-164.

Esau, I., and Zilitinkevich, S., 2010: On the role of the planetary boundary layer depth in climate system. Adv. Sci. Res. 4, 63-69.

Baklanov, AA, Grisogono, B., Bornstein, R., Mahrt, L., Zilitinkevich, SS, Taylor, P., Larsen, SE, Rotach, MW, and Fernando, HJS, 2010: On the nature, theory, and modeling of atmospheric planetary boundary layers. Bull. Amer. Meteorol. Soc. DOI 10.1175/2010BAMS2797.1.

Zilitinkevich, SS, 2010: Geophysical turbulence and planetary boundary layers. Geophysical. Journal. 168-174, 6.

Esau IN, Zilitinkevich, SS, Djolov G., Rautenbach CJ deW., 2011: A micro-meteorological experiment in the atmospheric boundary layer in Highveld Region. IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 13, 012011 (8 pp), doi: 10.1088/1755-1315/13/1/012011

Baklanov, AA, Grisogono, B., Bornstein, R., Mahrt, L., Zilitinkevich, SS, Taylor, P., Larsen, SE, Rotach, MW, and Fernando, HJS, 2011: The nature, theory, and modeling of atmospheric planetary boundary layers. Bull. Amer. Meteorol. Soc., February 2011, 123-128.

Kulmala, M., Alekseychik, P., Paramonov, M., Laurila, T., Asmi, E., Arneth, A., Zilitinkevich, SS, and Kerminen, V.-M., 2011: On measurements of aerosol particles and greenhouse gases in Siberia and future research needs. Boreal Environment Res., 16, 337-362.

Zilitinkevich SS, Tyuryakov SA, Troitskaya Yu. I., Mareev E., 2012: Theoretical models of the height of the atmospheric planetary boundary layer and turbulent entrainment at its upper boundary. Izvestija RAN, FAO, 48, No.1, 150-160 (in Russian).

Zilitinkevich SS, 2012: The Height of the Atmospheric Planetary Boundary layer: State of the Art and New Development - Chapter 13 in "National Security and Human Health Implications of Climate Change", edited by HJS Fernando, Z. Klaic, J.L. McKulley, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series - C: Environmental Security (ISBN 978-94-007-2429-7), Springer, 147-161.

Troitskaya YI, Druzhinin O., Zilitinkevich S., 2012: Direct numerical simulation of a turbulent wind over a wavy water surface. J. Geophys. Res. 117, C00J05, doi: 10.1029/2011JC007789, 16 pp.

Baklanov AA, Bondur VG, Klaic ZB, Zilitinkevich SS, 2012: Integration of geospheres in Earth systems: modern queries in environmental physics. Geofizika 29, No. 1, 1-4.

Esau I., Luhunga P., Djolov G., Rautenbach C. J. deW, Zilitinkevich S., 2012: Links between observed micro-meteorological variability and land use patterns in Highveld Priority Area of ??South Africa. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 118, Issue 3, 129-142 (DOI: 10.1007/s00703-012-0218-4).

Zilitinkevich, SS, Elperin, T., Kleeorin, N., Rogachevskii, I., Esau, IN, 2013: A hierarchy of energy-and flux-budget (EFB) turbulence closure models for stably stratified geophysical flows. Boundary-Layer Meteorol. 146, 341-373 (DOI: 10.1007/s10546-012-9768-8).

Hellsten A., Zilitinkevich S., 2013: Role of convective structures and background turbulence in dry convective boundary layers. Boundary-Layer Meteorol. In press.