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Research interests

Earth sciences.
Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics. Remote Sensing of the Earth. The physical laws of the concept of resistance and heat / mass transfer of the planetary boundary layer (PBL). Energy of turbulence in a stable stratification. Diagnostic and prognostic equations height of PBL.

International database ISI Web of Knowledge shows S.S. Zilitinkevich (SSZ)1394 citing and 88 articles, which is an average of 15.84 links to publication, and the citation index of 10 best works is 727, h-index is 20. The overall index of citation of his works, including monographs and other publications not taken into account by ISI, is over 2000.

Achievements of the last 5 years
The revision of the theory of turbulent closures for stably stratified flows: a new understanding of the critical Richardson number as the interface between "strong" and "weak" turbulence (rather than laminar and turbulent regimes, as was believed until now) and the model of weak turbulence.

A nonlocal theory of convection PBL, including the analysis of the mechanisms of self-organization and revision of the classical law of the convective heat / mass transfer.

Detection and nonlocal theory of very thin (and therefore the thermally sensitive) stable and relatively long-living neutral PBL. These PBLs are typical of the polar regions and play a key role in the polar "climate car."


New algorithms that are based on the work SSZ is used for operational numerical weather prediction models (German Weather Service, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Research Centre GKSS, Germany), air quality (Swedish Defence Research Agency, Danish Meteorological Institute, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), aquatic ecosystems (University of Tartu, Estonia), as well as wind energy calculations (Finnish Meteorological Institute, University of Genuesky in Italy). SSZ participated as a consultant on the turbulence and PBL to create a new system of operational weather forecasting HIRLAM / ALADIN and the Finnish wind atlas (

SSZ works on the theory of geophysical turbulence and PBL are included in textbooks (eg, Z. Sorbjan Structure of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer, 1989, second edition 2010; J.R. Garratt The Atmospheric Boundary Layer, 1992; E.B. Kraus and J.A. Businger Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction, 1994; L.H. Kantha and C.A. Clayson Small Scale Processes in geophysical Fluid Flows, 2000), and are an essential part of university courses in the boundary layer meteorology.