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About the lab

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the project
Development of physical concepts, theoretical and numerical models, algorithms for analyses and interpretation of data from remote sensing observations and parameterizations of physical processes in planetary boundary layers (PBLs) in the atmosphere and hydrosphere of the Earth.

The main objectives of the project

  • Data verification of theoretical and numerical models of dynamic processes in the PBL through field experiments and physical simulation in a controlled laboratory conditions.
  • Development of new methods and instruments for remote sensing monitoring and control of the quality of environment.
  • Creation prototypes of new instruments: spectroradiometer for registration of the spectral line of stratospheric ozone (110836 MHz); spectroradiometer for registration and spectral analysis of the own radiation of the atmosphere in the 5-mm line of molecular oxygen at the frequency range 52.3-53.3 MHz; microwave digital radar systems (3 and 10 cm, HH-polarisation) for coastal and ship’s observations of the water surface and the surface layer of the atmosphere (measurement field wind speed and field of surface waves); laboratory complex for field measurement of airflow and surface wave fields.

Expected outcomes of the project

  • Development of the theory of convective PBL in media with stable stratification and the development on this basis of adequate schemes of parameterization for PBL in the atmosphere and upper ocean, the development of PBL models for a wide range of meteorological conditions, including extreme conditions.
  • Development and experimental verification of nonlinear dynamical models of the structure and chemical composition of the troposphere and the middle atmosphere, the development of complex methods of analysis and prediction of the chemical composition of the PBL in the presence of air pollution.
  • Development of aeroelectric coherent structures formation models and methods of there diagnostics.
    Development and experimental testing of prototypes of devices for remote sensing and monitoring of dynamic processes in PBL of atmosphere and hydrosphere.
  • The main outcome of the project is creation of the teaching and research laboratory of Physics of Planetary Boundary Layers in Nizhny Novgorod N.I. Lobachevsky State University.